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what's in a brand? babe... part 1

I'm excited to announce our first two ever myEgo

brand babes... Erikah and Queensther.

So what is our brand about?

myEgo's brand embodies everything I hold true about beauty. I believe the truest form of beauty happens when we embrace who we are and love ourselves. There's something intangibly and undeniably alluring about a woman that knows her worth. Lash that woman up... and baby, it's a wrap. So it's no surprise I want you to know there is more to our brand babes than meets the eye.

IG @Livinlavishqueen : FB @Queensther Lee

Today, we're highlighting Queensther. She's got it popin' from head to toe and she possesses a brand of beauty that is stylishly and uniquely her own. She has a sweet spirit, and at the same time, this girl can hold her own. Keep an eye out for Queensther over the next couple of months. She'll be hyping up lash extensions by yours truly and dropping myEgo promos from time to time.

A lil sum sum about Queensther

myEgo | What is your most beautiful inner quality?

Queensther | My most beautiful inner quality is my confidence and my love.

myEgo | If you had a super power, what would it be and why?

Queensther | If I had a super power it would be to read people’s minds, because I want to know where to stand with people at all times in a positive way.

myEgo | Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Queensther | I see myself in 3 years finishing college and going into nursing school.

myEgo | If you could support any cause, what would it be and why?

Queensther | If I could support any cause it would be aid for Africa, because I’m African myself. I’m from Ghana so I’ve seen the struggles in Africa having to do with the environment and people. If I could change that big time, I would.

myEgo | What makes you unique?

Queensther | What makes me unique is my personality, my extra ness in being different, my faith, and being all about ambition. I believe anything you put your mind to you can do.

Hold up... I'm not done... Stay tuned... There's a part II... Erykah's highlights are coming!

Peace, love, and beautiful lashes...


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