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life after COVID-19 - will things ever be the same?

I have so much to say about everything that's happened. Things changed so drastically. One minute I'm living my best life doing lashes - and the next, I'm receiving an email from DORA telling me to stop now!

March 19, 2020...the State of Colorado mandated all non-essential service based businesses be close immediately. That included me. I was already thinking about the safety of my clients. God knows I've always been a stickler for disinfecting and sanitizing. I had already implemented a plan to close my schedule to new appointments, step up disinfecting even more, and do the clients that I had already scheduled for the rest of the week. But boom... I had to completely shutdown my business operation. This quickly made the COVID-19 health crisis very real for me.

I'm not going to lie. In the beginning I panicked. I'm an eighteen year old with a nice size rent payment to make. I still have to pay it whether I'm making money or not. myEgo is closed through April 30th - and due to the situation, that date could be extended at anytime.

Somehow, I know things will never be the same...

I will either sink or swim and the ideal of drowning doesn't sit very well with me. So I will dog paddle, back stroke, free style and whatever else I need to do to make it to the other side. This is what it means to be in business - dealing with the ups when your business is booming and the downs when things get hard. This is the stuff they can't teach you in school, because every business owner I know is struggling to figure out how they're going to keep their business alive.

My plan?

Work harder than ever. Perfect my work. Set new goals for myself (I think I'll give a little shout out to Miss Makisha over at Sistahbiz right here). Brainstorm ways I can provide opportunities for others when this is over. Work on my brand and products. Make sure my customers know how much I miss and appreciate them. Apply for every grant and every small business loan I can, and not let this situation affect my success or define my business. I will persevere and come out of this sharper, wiser, and badder than ever.

Jayda Martin, CEO

myEgo, LLC

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