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The Lash Educator's Blueprint

Train the Trainer Training

Complete with fully customizable Intro to Lash Extensions and

Volume Lash Extension Training Manuals

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What's Included

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Live training sessions which will cover:

  • What should be covered in a lash class and why

  • Preparing for your training

  • Costs, pricing, and maximizing profits

  • Group vs. one-on-one training

  • Conducting live model application

  • Branding yourself

  • Marketing strategies

  • How to set yourself apart as a top-notch instructor

  • Providing ongoing mentorship for your students

  • and MORE...

Support customizing your manual which includes:

  • Video tutorials on how to customize your manual in Canva, as well as printing options for them.

  • Live sessions providing additional support for customizing your manual.

Also Included:

  • Additional Canva templates for certificate of completion and (1080 x 1080) IG ads.

  • Additional downloadable forms.

We are passionate about lash education because we know how rewarding a career in lashing can be.


Over the past five years we have focused a considerable amount of time and resources perfecting our lash training and training manuals so that students can leave our trainings feeling knowledgable and confident.


Our Lash Educator's Blueprint provides a nice foundation for you to tailor your lash training and personalize your lash manual to reflect your lash brand.

Topics covered in the Information to Include in Your Training section is guided by a page-by-page review of the training manuals.

Intro to Lash Extensions and Classic Lash Extension Training

  • Introduction

    • Writing a welcome

    • Writing an about the Instructor statement

    • Class objectives

    • What’s included in the kit

  • History of Lash Extensions

  • Sanitation and Disinfection

  • About Lashes and the Eye

  • When to Say No

  • Product Knowledge

  • Allergy vs. Sensitivity

  • Retention

  • Client Care

  • Styling

  • Lash Application

  • Prepping

  • Refills

  • Removals

  • Aftercare

  • Self Care

  • Business and Marketing

Volume Lash Extension Training

  • Introduction

    • Discussed during Intro to Lash Extensions Training Session

  • Types of Volume Lash Sets

  • About Volume Fans

  • Tweezer Selection

  • Fanning Techniques

  • Product Knowledge

  • Volume Weight Chart

  • Styling

  • Mapping

  • Placement (Recap)

  • Isolation

  • Applying Volume Lashes

  • Applying Bottom Lashes

The Volume Training Manual expands upon the content covered in the Intro to Lash Extensions and Classic Lash Extension Training manual, offering a robust framework for lash students to further develop their expertise and advance in their lash careers.

How it Works

  1. Purchase the Lash Educator’s Blueprint Train the Trainer Class package

  2. You will receive an email with a link to download a PDF file containing the details you need to get started including:

    • Link to TLI website page for on-line class schedule.

    • Items you will need to prepare to customize your manual.

    • Links to digital manuals, certificate of completion and IG ad templates.

    • Link to video tutorials and downloadable forms.

  3. Join us on calls as many times as you like.

Choosing a Manual Option

  • OPTION 1: Intro to Lash Extensions and Classic Lash Extensions Training Manual (36 pages) and Volume Lash Extensions Training Manual (20 pages). Two individual manuals for lash educators to teach the Intro/Classic Class and Volume Class separately.

  • OPTION 2: Intro to Lash Extensions, Classic Lash and Volume Lash Extensions Training Manual (44 pages). One combined manual for lash educators to teach everything in one class.

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