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  • Live training sessions which cover:
    • Information to cover in your lash training
    • Preparing for your training
    • Student to instructor ratio
    • Learning styles
    • Costs, pricing, and maximizing profits
    • Group vs. one-on-one training
    • Conducting live model application
    • Branding yourself
    • Marketing strategies
    • How to set yourself apart as a top-notch instructor
    • Providing ongoing mentorship for your students
    • and MORE...
  • Video tutorials on how to customize your manual in Canva, as well as printing options for them.
  • Live sessions providing additional support for customizing your manual.
  • Additional Canva templates for certificate of completion and (1080 x 1080) IG ads.
  • Additional downloadable forms.


Option 1 Manuals: The Intro to Lash Extensions and Classic Lash Training with the Volume Lash Training are seperate manuals for are two individual manuals for educators that teach their Intro/Classics Class and Volumes Class separately.

  • Intro to Classic Lashes is a 36 page including front/back and inside front/back covers.
  • Volumes manual is a 20 page manual including front/back and inside fron/back covers.


Train the Trainer Trainer with Option 1 Manuals (2 seperate manuals)

  • Our templates are editable in Canva. Canva is an easy-to-use web based platform, which you can use free or upgrade to Pro for additional features. You do no need to upgrade to Pro to edit the templates.


    Canva offers a 30 day trial of Canva Pro

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