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Beauty is a light that illuminates from within and translates to outward expressions - jayda j, owner, The LASH INSIDER

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Jayda Martin, Owner & CEO
The Lash Insider

Master Lash Artist & Educator

Henna Brows

Jayda is a licensed esthetician and is certified in classic, volume and mega volume lash application. Jayda has received training by some of the best in the industry from Los Angeles, CA, Atlanta, GA, Houston TX, Toronto Canada and Maryland.


Jayda believes that every woman is beautiful and appreciates the role she plays in helping her clients enhance and express their beauty outwardly.

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Client’s enjoying a beautiful experience with us is our heartbeat. Therefore, our mission is to be attentive and deliver premium customized beauty enhancement services that accentuates each client’s unique beauty needs in an environment that is positive and uplifting.


Our vision is to provide beauty enhancement service outcomes as envisioned by our clients, connecting with the beauty they possess inside… bringing a smile to their faces. 


Customer Commitment

We understand that without our clients support, we would not exist. We place a high priority on making sure our client’s needs are met as completely as possible.


The words we say match the actions we do. Our customers trust us, therefore, we do everything we can to uphold their trust.


In order to be at the top of our game with the services we provide, we remain diligent to build our knowledge, provide top notch customer service and offer the best possible products.


We work together to meet the needs of our clients! We are only as good as every person on our team’s ability to develop, grow and be rewarded for their efforts.

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