jayda j.

licensed esthetician | lash artist

Beauty is a light that illuminates from within and translates to outward expressions - jayda j, owner, The LASH INSIDER

The Lash Insider is located in the Historic Five Points district of Denver Colorado. Owner Jayda Martin provides high quality lash extension and full body waxing services. Joining Jayda in her studios are Eva Martinez, owner of Beauty by Martinez, also known as the "The Denver Brow Lady" and Kiera Herron, lover of all things skin, and owner of House of Vibes LA.

About Jayda

I traveled from the Mile High city of Denver, Colorado to Los Angeles, California, and discovered a love for the art of lashing. I am a licensed esthetician -- properly certified in classic, volume and mega volume lash application.


The excitement my clients express when they see their lashes fuels my love for lashing. I will continue to train and learn from the best so I can continue to grow as a lash artist, establish myself as a beauty enhancer expert, and provide my clients the best service possible.

myEgo exemplifies positive self image. I believe that every woman is beautiful and I love the role I get to play in helping them express their beauty outwardly.

There's something special about the way she winks at me...Must be the lashes.


2454 N. Washington Street

Denver, CO 80205



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