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lash fills...mannn why oh why?

because your lashes won't stop growing...

Eyelash Growth Cycle

I wanted to take a little time to speak to you about lash fills and why they're necessary. If you want your lash extensions to continue looking fresh and full, timely fills are an absolute must.

They're many factors to consider when it comes to retention, but today, let's take a look at the one thing neither you or your lash technician can control - the normal life cycle of your eye lashes. The diagram above does a great job of demonstrating the eyelash growth cycle.

Our bodies are so amazing! Each and every one our lashes is doing it's own thing in it's own time. Some are growing, some are chillin', and some are shedding as new ones take their place. So even though we loose lashes daily, we hardly ever notice.

Since each of our lashes' growth cycles are different, it's critical that they are properly isolated during the lash extension application process. There can only EVER be one lash or lash fan attached to a single natural lash... PERIOD. Your natural lashes need their independence. If two or more of your natural lashes are attached to a single lash extension or lash fan, they are not free to grow independently, and this can cause damage to your eyelash follicles. (If your lash tech can't explain this to you, grab your stuff and run)

So back to lash fills. You will shed between 1-4 natural lashes each day. In the fall and winter that cycle can shift, and lashes may shed more frequently. When they fall out, the lash extension attached to it will fall out as well. So be sure to keep up with those lash fills and keep your lashes looking full and flirty.

Peace, love and success to you all


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