beautiful BEAUTIFUL you

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

There is something extraordinary about the flutter of the lashes of a woman that knows her worth

- jayda j., owner, myEgo

Let me tell you.

I LOVE doing what I do.

Lash extensions are the best thing since sliced bread in my book. (This has nothing to do with what I'm about to say next, but I had to get it in.)


the beauty of self discovery

Today, I was scrolling through Instagram and I couldn't help but notice all the beautiful people on my feed. Once again, I began to think about the notion of beauty and what kind of things make us beautiful. On the surface, there are definitely certain aesthetics that make one person beautiful to another. But I'm learning that there is something deeper that illuminates us. It's a special something that words cannot describe, its a vibe. I call it soul deep beauty. This beauty engages the wholeness of who we are - our passions, our ideas, our talents, our experiences, our sense of humor, our pain, our fearlessness … the things that move us, the unique qualities that make you, You and makes me, Me.