Full Sets - Choosing a lash style...

Deciding between whether to get Classics or Volumes is more about the density you would like for your lash extensions. Things like whether you want your lashes short or long, wispy, cat or doll eye, etc, are styling considerations that can be applied to any of the types of lash sets listed on our service menu.

It's important to note that lash sets will vary from client-to-client based on your natural lash foundation, eye shape, and other considerations. These are things we will discuss with you before we begin your lash service.

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Just a few Lash Fill reminders...

We take pride in our work and it means a lot to us for each of you to leave with a beautiful and complete set of lashes. The amount of time available to apply your lashes plays a major role. If you are scheduled for a fill, and you arrive with with less than 40% of your lash extensions, there simply isn't enough time during a fill session to restore your lashes to their former glory.

Please book your fills in relationship to the date of your last lash service. Do not wait until you need a fill to book a fill. Keep in mind, appointments book up quickly, so the best way to ensure your fill appointments is to book them in advance.

  • 2-3 week fills can only be booked up to 21 days after your most recent lash appointment. If you are booking a fill that will occur 22 days past your last appointment, it is not eligible to be booked as a fill and will need to be booked as a full set.

  • You MUST HAVE 40% of your lashes remaining when you arrive for your fill (even if it's within the 2-3 week fill period). If you do not have at least 40% of you lashes, you will be required to get a full set and potentially reschedule if the time needed to complete a full set is not available.

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