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When it comes to creating beautiful VOLUME fans... it's all about the BOOTIE!

Having high quality lashing tools you can rely on is essential. When it comes to creating volume fans, you need a boot that can grab the thinest lash fibers and hold on to them while you do your thing creating beautiful fans. TLI’s Cutie Bootie is the perfect 90 degree tweezer for grabbing volume lashes. It makes creating handmade lash fans a breeze. It has a sweet spot that’s easy to find.


Stop by, test out our tweezers in person to find the grip that's just right for you.


*Remember, dropping this or any tweezer can, and more than likely will altar its shape, which will result in it not working. Be careful and always keep a back up pair.

TLI Cutie Bootie

SKU: tweez-cb-90d