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At TLI, we recognize that there is a distinction between applying lashes on a mannequin and working with real clients. That's why we ensure that every TLI lash class includes live model training, enabling our students to gain hands-on experience and develop their skills in a realistic setting.

We also understand that newly trained lash artists may still require additional support as they transition into working independently. That's where our supervised sets comes in. They offer a dedicated space at The Lash Insider where TLI trained lash artists can carry out lash sets while being observed by experienced professionals. This allows them to receive valuable feedback, guidance, and direction to further refine their techniques and enhance their client interactions.

By providing a supportive environment for lash artists post-certification, the supervised sets help bridge the gap between training and professional practice. They offer an opportunity for ongoing learning and development, ensuring that lash artists can continue to grow their skills and confidence as they navigate their careers in the lash industry.

We have room for three individuals per session. If you have completed any of TLI's trainings, please call us at 720-951-7082 to schedule your supervised set. The supervised set will be based on the certification(s) you've received at The Lash Insider. You will be responsible to provide your own model.

We are excited to announce the launch of the TLI Mentor Protégé Program, specifically designed to empower TLI lash certification recipients in fast-tracking their career progression within the lash industry. The three components include:

  • Supervised Sets

  • Monthly Calls

  • Mentor / Protégé

At TLI, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to our lash artists, not only in terms of technical training but also in fostering a community that promotes growth, collaboration, and success.

MONTHLY VIRTUAL CALLS (Beginning August 2023)

We value the ongoing development and support of lash artists who have trained with TLI. That's why we organize monthly calls where we invite our TLI-trained lash artists to come together and engage in meaningful discussions.

During these calls, we focus on addressing specific topics that are relevant to the lash industry. Whether, troubleshooting common challenges, or exploring new trends and styles, our aim is to provide valuable insights and foster a sense of camaraderie among lash artists.

In addition to technical aspects of lash application, we also recognize the importance of the business side of lashing. Therefore, some of these calls will be dedicated to explore various business-related topics. This can include strategies for marketing and client acquisition, pricing and financial considerations, building a strong clientele, and managing the operational aspects of a lash business. By addressing these areas, we aim to equip lash artists with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive both artistically and professionally.

These calls will serve as a platform for lash artists to share their experiences, ask questions, and receive guidance from both industry experts and fellow lash artists. It's a supportive environment where everyone can contribute their insights, learn from one.


Through our Mentor Protégé Program, we offer a unique opportunity for our protégés to accelerate their learning and career progression in the lash industry. Over the course of six months to a year, our protégés can gain knowledge and experience that might have taken them several years to acquire independently.

During this program, our protégés not only receive valuable guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals but also have the chance to build their client base and generate income. This allows them to gain practical experience while being compensated for their work.

By the end of the program, our protégés will have developed a strong foundation of lash skills, along with the freedom, knowledge, experience, and confidence necessary to pursue their own independent lash careers. They will have acquired industry insights, refined techniques, and built a solid clientele, enabling them to confidently venture out on their own.

We are proud to offer our protégés a comprehensive training and experience that not only accelerates their learning but also provides them with the necessary tools and support to thrive as independent lash artists.

We have room for two individuals this year and will expand the number of lash artists we mentor in 2024. Candidates must be a licensed / insured Esthetician or Cosmologist, and be certified by The Lash Insider.

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