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Well done on successfully finishing TLI's Intro to Lash Extensions and Classics class.


Now that you've completed the training, it's time to apply your newfound skills in real-world scenarios. By engaging in regular and dedicated practice, you'll develop muscle memory, perfect your techniques, and grow more self-assured in your role as a lash artist.

Hands-on experience will undoubtedly elevate your expertise and contribute to your overall success in the field. Keep up the excellent work!

Supervised Lash Set Application

Keep in mind that while live model application is included in the training, The Lash Insider offers an extra benefit of providing one complimentary supervised lash set application in our salon. This opportunity aims to boost your confidence and make you feel at ease. To avail yourself of this offer, just get in touch with us to schedule an appointment, and bring your model along to our space for the lash set application. We're here to support you every step of the way!

Practice Makes Permanent | First 30-45 days

After completing the lash extension class, the key to success lies in dedicated and consistent practice. For the next 30-45 days, offer complimentary lash services or introductory prices to potential clients. Aim to practice on at least one person daily, and you'll be pleasantly surprised that your models appreciate you and tip you accordingly.

If you find it challenging to get human models for practice, remember that you can always utilize a mannequin head or explore other practice methods. Practicing in this way can be highly beneficial for enhancing your lash placement and isolation skills. When you approach potential models, honesty is key—be upfront about being a new lash artist, and let them know that the service may take a bit longer. By setting realistic expectations for both parties, you avoid clients expecting results comparable to those of experienced lash artists.

In your communications, use the term "model" instead of "practice" as it conveys a more professional and inviting impression. Even if you are transparent about your experience level, the word "practice" might be intimidating for potential models.

Through this dedicated practice, you will not only refine your lash application skills but also learn to overcome challenges that may arise during the process. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to enhance your customer service abilities, and become a knowledgeable and confident lash artist over time. Building hands-on experience can pave the way for some of your models to become loyal, long-term clients.

What You'll Need


This section will provide you with information on setting up your lash space. As you progress in your lashing journey, you'll encounter numerous new tools and resources. However, for now, the following list will help you get started in the right direction.

Below are vendors we utilize here at The Lash Insider. While we find them reliable, it's essential for you to conduct your research and explore other vendors that might better suit your needs. This way, you can tailor your lash space according to your preferences and requirements.


Happy exploring!

Vendor List

Lash Adhesive

  • The Lash Insider Inside Grip Adhesive

Classic Lash Extensions

  • Lashes on Fleek

  • Aki Lashes

  • The Lash Insider - Forever Classics


  • The Lash Insider

Other Essentials
The Lash Insider Product List

You will receive 10% off products purchased at The Lash Insider for 1-year

  • Lash Bath - The Lash Insider

  • 250ML Safety Wash Bottle

  • Lyon Lash Gel Pads

  • Glue Rings

  • Disposable Lash Bath Brushes

  • Disposable Mascara Wands

  • Disposable Lipstick Applicators

  • Lint Free Nozzle Wipes

  • Nano Mister

  • Handheld Fan

Amazon List

Sanitation and Disinfecting

I keep the following in my space at all times. In terms of where to purchase them, I research and shop for the best prices.

  • CaviCide wipes and/or Barbicide wipes


  • Lysol spray


  • Massage Table. Look for a table that will not block your legs from going under it.

  • Recliner - If you want to make it even more comfortable for your client, you may choose a recliner rather than a massage table. We purchased our recliners (Angelo Italian Leather P2 Recliner) at American Furniture Warehouse. This particular recliner is $698.00. You can take advantage of their 6-months no interest financing. You will need to build a platform for your chair to lift it so that you can scoot in close enough to lash your client.

    Things we took into consideration when choosing this chair is the wideness of the top of the chair so that there's room to place lashing tools needed during the lashing process, as well as being able to recline completely back.

  • Stool or Chair

Generate Additional Income


Explore additional opportunities to boost your income by offering lash bath kits for sale.

Get creative and showcase your unique brand identity!


Consider using products like Prolong (available at to create your own customized lash baths to offer your clients. You can find foam pump bottles on platforms like Amazon, which you can easily personalize with your own labels.


By putting together these kits, you can start earning additional income while providing added value to your customers.


Get started and let your entrepreneurial spirit shine!

Nothing left but to do it!

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